5 Advantages Of Flat Grave Markers


You will have many choices when purchasing a marker for a loved one's grave. Graves markers are designed in various heights and materials and with different embellishments. While larger stones can be impressive, there are many advantages to choosing flat grave markers. Here are a few.  1. Durability Granite is an excellent choice for flat grave markers. Unlike other materials that lose their luster over time, granite will not. Granite does not stain and resists discoloration.

25 October 2022

Why You Need Permits To Scatter Most Cremains


Scattering a loved one's ashes is a common way of completing a "burial" process when the deceased planned for cremation instead of actual burial in a coffin. While it's legal to scatter ashes, you'll find that in many cases, you need some sort of permit. Burying the ashes in an urn on property you own and scattering ashes far out at sea (several miles offshore) are two times when you usually don't need a permit.

8 August 2022

Exploring The Benefits of Streaming Your Loved One's Funeral Memorial Service


Restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many funeral homes offering live streaming for funeral memorial services since individuals were not able to gather in large groups in order to attend these services in person. While the use of these streaming services can still be a valuable solution to Covid-related problems, there are also many other benefits that come along with choosing to live stream your loved one's funeral memorial.

1 June 2022

Planning A Funeral? Answers To Your Financial Questions


Funerals are emotional times for surviving family and friends. And because talking about money in even normal situations can feel taboo in American culture, many people are even more hesitant to discuss money when planning for the memorial of a loved one. To help you get the answers you need, here are a few common finance-related funeral questions you may have already asked.  Who Pays for a Funeral? Technically, the deceased person's body is part of their estate, so their sendoff is the purview of the estate as well.

1 March 2022