Exploring The Benefits of Streaming Your Loved One's Funeral Memorial Service


Restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many funeral homes offering live streaming for funeral memorial services since individuals were not able to gather in large groups in order to attend these services in person. While the use of these streaming services can still be a valuable solution to Covid-related problems, there are also many other benefits that come along with choosing to live stream your loved one's funeral memorial. You can learn more about some of these benefits below.

Benefit #1: Allow Out-Of-Town Friends And Family To Share In The Service

It is not always possible for loved ones to travel from out of town to attend a funeral service. In some cases, travel will be prevented by the lack of financial resources, while other people may find that they are unable to take the time off of work or to arrange child care for young children. Regardless of the reason why these individuals cannot attend in person, live streaming services will allow you to include all of your family and friends in the funeral memorial service. The ability to share in the grieving process can make it easier for everyone involved to deal with the emotional stress that comes along with losing a loved one. 

Benefit #2: Avoid Overcrowding Issues

Even with most Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, gathering in large groups can still be an issue for some people. In some cases, this will be as a result of health concerns, while others may simply find that they do not have enough space to physically host all of the people who wish to pay their final respects. If you find that overcrowding is an issue for you when planning a loved one's funeral memorial, the use of live streaming services can help you to eliminate this problem by allowing people to attend the service from a remote location rather than needing to visit the funeral home in person. 

Benefit #3: Capture The Service On Film For Future Viewing

While a loved one's funeral service may not be a happy memory, it can still be a very important memory for many people. The ability to look back at this service as you work through the grieving process can often provide a certain level of comfort. When choosing to live stream your loved one's funeral memorial service, you will also have the option of recording this live stream. This will allow you to look back at this service any time you wish or to share this service with any loved ones who may have missed the service. 


1 June 2022

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