Why You Would Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial


When pre-planning your funeral, a major decision to make is whether to have a traditional burial or cremation. It's expected that more people will choose cremation over burial very soon. People have a variety of reasons for making this choice. Here are a few reasons why you may choose to specify cremation in your funeral pre-plan. 1. Cremation can be a less expensive option than full-body burial. There are some items required if you choose burial that are not needed if you're cremated:

14 January 2016

4 Reasons To Work With A Funeral Planning Professional


If you're like most people, you may not even really understand your future funeral needs. Many people put off thinking about funerals because they're so focused on living life in the moment. It's a good idea to take time to think about these needs now. You don't have to go through the planning process alone! With help from a funeral planning professional, you can benefit greatly. Take a look at the following information to better understand the benefits to working with a funeral planning professional.

28 December 2015

How To Avoid Going Broke When Paying For A Funeral


If you are in charge of paying for a funeral and you happen to find yourself worried about the cost, you will want to keep reading. By checking out the following tips, you will be less likely to find yourself as financially strapped when it comes time to pay for everything associated with the funeral. Consider The Option Of Cremation If religious concerns or any last wishes of the dearly departed don't prohibit you from opting for a cremation, this might be a good option for you.

27 October 2015

4 Steps To Planning A Funeral


Planning a funeral for a loved one can be extremely difficult because, not only do you want to do it in a timely manner, but you are also going to want time to mourn his or her death. Doing both of these things at the same time can be really taxing on your emotions. To help you, you may consider taking these four steps to planning the funeral: Plan Ahead: If possible, begin planning your loved one's funeral before their death.

27 August 2015

Three Questions To Answer When You're Considering Cremation


Planning your funeral arrangements in advance can save your family from having to make difficult decisions when they're in grief after your passing. One of the biggest decisions you'll encounter is whether to opt for a traditional burial or go with the alternative of cremation. The latter choice has numerous benefits, including being less expensive than a burial. If being cremated is more in alignment with your desires, there are a handful of questions to answer so that once you die, your family can honor your wishes.

11 August 2015

How To Deliever A Fantastic Eulogy At A Funeral


There's probably no greater - or more heartbreaking - honor than being asked to give someone's eulogy at their funeral. It's also immensely difficult to do because you're being tasked with the nearly impossible: summarizing someone's entire life in a touching, memorable way with a speech that's no more than five minutes long. If you're faced with this task, keep these two tips in mind and you'll do fine.   1.) Understand the purpose of the eulogy and relax a little.

29 June 2015

Three Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Funeral Home


Following the death of a family member, one of your immediate priorities is to select a funeral home to host the visitation and funeral. Although it might be tempting during this time of grief to simply settle for the funeral home closest to where you live, it's always worthwhile to do a little comparison shopping until you find a business that best suits your needs. Your priorities during this process include determining costs and ensuring each funeral home is available on the days you need it.

23 June 2015

How To Say Goodbye To Beloved Pets


If you are a family who loves animals and has them as pets, you are indeed blessed. Besides service seeing-eye dogs, dogs that detect seizures before they happen, and working dogs that serve our community, a family pet serves in a different way. Studies show that people who have pets have stronger heart, get sick less often than people who don't have them, and make fewer visits to the doctor. In addition, pet owners don't get depressed as often as others do.

17 June 2015

Five Inexpensive And Tasteful Ways To Dispose Of A Loved One's Ashes


After a loved one has been cremated, there are a range of ways you can turn their ashes into a commemoration. However, many of these options are expensive – for example, you can spend thousands of dollars sending ashes into space. Luckily, there are affordable and tasteful ways to memorialize your loved one through the way you deal with his or her ashes: Cemetery Burial With a Loved One If someone close to your loved one is already buried in a cemetery, you can easily put your loved one's ashes with him or her.

10 June 2015

Planning An Affordable Funeral: Why Cremation Is A Respectful Option


Did you lose someone that you love and only have a little money to put towards the funeral service? Grieving over your lost can be difficult while planning an affordable funeral at the same time, and opting for cremation may be something to consider. Find out below why cremation is a respectful option for your loved one, as well as what the funeral may cost: What Makes a Cremation Funeral a Respectful & Affordable Option?

19 May 2015