A Close Look At The Advantages Of Cremation Over Traditional Burial


Even though right now cremation is the lesser chosen route for people who are making funeral arrangements, it is not expected to be that way for long. It is actually estimated that by the year 2020, there will be more people who choose cremation than traditional burial. A big reason why cremation has become such a popular choice for many funeral planners is the fact that this choice comes along with a lot of obvious advantages. If you are in the process of making your own funeral plans, you should know about the benefits of cremation before you get started and make a decision for yourself.

1. Cremation is a less costly choice.

It is no big secret that cremation is the less costly choice compared to traditional burial, but you may not know just how much of a difference there really is, which can be thousands of dollars. You should expect a regular funeral and burial to cost you at least $7,045, whereas a direct cremation could be as low as $1,100. The biggest savings comes in because you will not have to purchase a burial plot, vault, or casket, and without a viewing, there will be no fees for bodily preparations by the funeral home.

2. Being cremated means the remains are portable.

You may live where you are now and have no intention of moving in the future, but you never really know when you may have to pack up and leave your current location for work, family, or otherwise. The fact is, modern society is much more transient, and, therefore, it is more ideal if your remains can be as well. Cremated remains can travel with your loved ones from place to place if they have to leave. If you are buried traditionally, your grave site would be left behind.

3.  Cremation allows a range of disposition options.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of choosing cremation is it allows you to choose where you want your remains to go. Many people choose cremation because they would prefer to be laid to rest at a specific location, such as in the ocean, on their own property, or even just a favorite spot in town. You can also opt to have your cremated remains planted with a memory tree, transformed into precious stones, or even integrated in with an oil painting of yourself or something you love. For more information, contact a company like Jacqueline M Ryan Home For Funerals.


30 March 2016

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