Four Ways To Pledge Your Assistance At An Upcoming Memorial Service


When the family members of someone who has recently passed away plan to hold a memorial service in his or her memory, it might take place at a funeral home, such as Richard H Keenan Funeral Home, or in any number of other locations, including at the family's home. While funeral home staff will lend a hand if the event is held at the funeral home, it's worthwhile for you to offer your help if the memorial service will be taking place elsewhere. Although the memorial service might be taking place several months after the person's passing, it's still an emotional time for the close family members, and your help can make the process smoother. Here are some ways to help.

Event Setup

Depending on the size of the event and the number of guests who will be in attendance, you can lend a hand with tasks related to setting up the space. This can include traveling to a party supply store to pick up chairs and tables, as well as actually setting them up in the desired location. If you have a knack for electrical work, you could help with setting up the speakers and sound system.

Food Preparation

Unless the family is getting the event professionally catered, you can offer to lend a hand with preparing food in advance of the event. Speak to the person organizing the service, look at the suggested menu and offer to take care of some of the things listed on it. At the memorial service venue itself, you can help by plating dishes of food, serving food to guests and even washing the dishes.

Offering A Place To Stay

If you're related to several of the people who will be traveling from out of town to attend the memorial service, you can ask the organizers if anyone needs a place to stay. If your home is large enough, offering a room for someone who might be on a budget or who needs a ride to and from the service is an ideal way that you can help out.

Taking Photos

Some memorial services are highly somber events, but others are more upbeat and take the feel of a celebration of the person's life. In this case, documenting the event with photographs is something that the immediate family members may favor. If you're adept with a camera and wish to help in this manner, taking your camera gear to the service and shooting a series of photos is a helpful task for the family.


25 April 2016

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