4 Types Of Cremation Keepsakes Ideal For Young Girls


For children, losing a loved one can be confusing, challenging, and often their first experience with death. To help a young girl mourn and underneath the death, you can purchase a small keepsake that holds some of the loved ones remains. This is a great way to give a special gift that is cherished for their whole life and gives them a way to cope with the loss. The following four products are specifically made with a young girl in mind and cater to all types of personalities. 

Keepsake Necklaces

A young girl can carry the cremated remains right next to their heart by wearing a keepsake necklaces. The pendants on these necklaces feature a small opening where the remains are inserted and stored forever. When choosing a design for a young girl, there are many options to choose from. Animal designs include shapes like dolphins, cats, and butterflies. Nature designs include leaves, acorns, and flowers.  There are also a number of mystical designs to choose from like unicorns or fairies.

Music Box Urns

Purchase a keepsake with a built-in song that can provide comfort each time it is opened. Not only can a music box urn play songs, but a storage compartment is a great way to store other things to represent the loved one like pictures or prayer cards. When choosing a music box, you can select from a variety of songs, including popular hits or religious hymns.

Tear Bottles

A tear bottle is another display design that can be used to hold the cremated remains of a loved one. These elegant designs hold a lot of history and represent the love and grieving process that comes with the passing of a loved one. Tear bottles can be ordered in both a solid or translucent design. Along with the bottle, a casing design if often wrapped around it to showcase different features, designs, and elements.

Teddy Bear Urns

For some girls, a traditional urn may be hard to hold and feel comfort with. If a young girl is seeking physical comfort, then a teddy bear urn is an ideal solution. On the outside, these stuffed animals have the softness and designs of a traditional stuffed animal. The back of the bear opens up using Velcro and features a small compartment to hold remains. A small pouch is included to fit the remains, but there is also room for a small urn or keepsake to store in the back of the bear. A variety of designs include angel bears, different colors, and designs like a cross.

By knowing the young girl and her interests, you can make the best decision on what type of keepsake to purchase. For further assistance, contact local cremation service professionals.



8 April 2016

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