Five Inexpensive And Tasteful Ways To Dispose Of A Loved One's Ashes


After a loved one has been cremated, there are a range of ways you can turn their ashes into a commemoration. However, many of these options are expensive – for example, you can spend thousands of dollars sending ashes into space. Luckily, there are affordable and tasteful ways to memorialize your loved one through the way you deal with his or her ashes:

Cemetery Burial With a Loved One

If someone close to your loved one is already buried in a cemetery, you can easily put your loved one's ashes with him or her. Burying ashes if you already have a plot doesn't typically require another permit or expense, and you can easily dig a little hole and put your loved ones to rest together.  

Scattering in a Special Spot

Scattering ashes somewhere that was important to your loved one is a common option that many people choose. Before letting the ashes go, however, check with state and local laws to be sure it is legal in your area. In some popular places, you need to buy a permit, but it is still easy to find many beautiful places where you can scatter ashes for free.

Planting a Tree

A plant that lives on can be a beautiful memorial to a loved one who has passed. Find a spot in your yard or anywhere else where you can plant something, dig a small hole, spread the ashes in the hole and plant a plant on top of it.

Trees are the classic choice, but you can do fruit bushes, a bed of tulips or any other plant you want. Unfortunately, baby trees and some seedlings can be expensive, but you can buy seeds for virtually cents or you can find a gardening friend who is willing to give you a clipping for free.

Painting Something Beautiful

If you are an artist, take some of your loved ones' ashes and swirl them into your paint. Create a beautiful painting in their memory, or even consider painting multiple works for various members of your family. Even if you are not an artist, you can embrace this idea and paint a special part of a room, a chair or something else that would be meaningful to you and your loved one.

Storing Them Close to Your Heart

If you always want to have a bit of your loved one with you, consider placing a small amount of his or her ashes in a locket. You can buy inexpensive lockets, or you can even make your own necklace. It just needs to have a little container for holding something.  

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10 June 2015

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