What To Inscribe Into A Headstone


A headstone is a great way to pay tribute to a family member or friend that has passed away by inscribing something special. Here is a list of some common things that you should consider getting etched onto the headstone of your loved one.

A Religious Verse From Scripture

A great way to commemorate someone's passing on the headstone is with a verse of religious scripture. The words can bring comfort knowing that the deceased is in the loving embrace of their god in the afterlife. There are countless verses of religious scripture that can be applied to the deceased's life or their relationship with god. If you don't know what verse to use, you can consult with a funeral director. He or she may have a list of common verses that have been used, or can work one on one with you to find a verse that would work best for the deceased.


You can have a picture carved into the headstone to add a touch of elegance and really set off the look of the headstone. Some common images that are used on headstones include angels, crosses, or something that has special significance to the deceased, such as an image that represents their favorite sport or animal. You can also put in an actual photo of the deceased person on some ceramic headstones. Photographs can give you a sense of connection with the person when you visit the grave site. Some people choose to go with a photograph of their loved one because it adds a personal touch. Some people simply find that the picture gives the headstone a face that people can talk to when they pay their respect.

A Quote

Sometimes a quote from the person's life or words that describe the way the person acted when they were alive works best. Something simple like a quote from their favorite song, book or movie will add that personal touch to make the headstone unique to the person that is buried there. If the person was very funny, consider inscribing a joke on the headstone that would bring a smile to the faces of those who read it. If the person loved to laugh then a joke might be a great way to look at the funnier side of things even in a dark time when you are mourning the loss of a loved one.

If you have questions about the types of headstones available then you should consult with a funeral director who can sit down and go over the different types and cost of each. One company that offers this service is Maurice Moore Memorials.


29 April 2015

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