5 Reasons You Should Prearrange Your Funeral Service


People plan birthday parties, anniversary parties, and weddings. They create schedules for every week, and plan date nights with their spouses. In fact, you probably plan a good portion of your life in advance, so why wouldn't you preplan your funeral? Thinking about your death isn't pleasant, but prearranging your funeral service and burial plans has several benefits.

Makes The Process Easier for Your Loved Ones

One of the most important reasons you should make arrangements for your own funeral service and burial before your death is that preplanning makes the process a lot easier for your loved ones. After your death, your family has a lot of emotions to deal with, and planning a funeral only adds to their stress. By preplanning your funeral, your family doesn't have the added burden that comes deciding how to honor a person's like.

Personalize Your Service

Have you thought about how you want to be remembered? Preplanning your funeral service allows you to personalize small details that would have otherwise been left out, such as celebrating your military accomplishments or asking guests to make a donation to your favorite charity. When you control how your service is planned, you can highlight any aspect of your life that you choose, turning a sad occasion into a positive celebration of your life.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

It's common for people to allow their emotions to control their purchases, especially when they are grieving. By prearranging your funeral service, you can keep your family from purchasing unnecessary additions or extravagant items.

Save Money

When you prepay for your funeral and burial expenses, the cost is locked in. This means that you pay the price that you agreed to pay at the time you made the arrangements, even if funeral expenses increase before your death.

Guarantees You Personal Documents are in Order

Did you know that in order to be cremated you need to have a Consent to Cremate form including in your will? In some states, the Consent to Cremate even needs to be signed by a notary public for verification purposes because cremation is permanent. By preplanning your funeral, you can make sure that all of the paperwork you need is completed so that it's easy for your family to honor your wishes.

You may not want to think about dying, or what will happen to your body after your death, but making your own funeral arrangements makes the planning process easier for everyone involved. When all the arrangements are made before your death, you can ensure that your funeral service is exactly what you want and help eliminate some of the difficult decisions your family will face.

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9 April 2015

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