10 Decisions You Will Have To Make During Funeral Pre-Planning


Life takes you to all different places and it is easy to assume that you will always see tomorrow. Unfortunately, you never know when the tomorrows will no longer be a guarantee and this is why funeral pre-planning is a good idea. There are so many different things that will have to be addressed for funeral arrangements; the last thing you will want is to leave all of the guesswork up to your friends and family. Here are ten decisions you will have to make during your plans at the funeral home.

1. Where do you want your funeral held? - Choosing a funeral home could be a matter of preference, family traditions, or even religious beliefs.

2. Who do you want to speak at your funeral? - From a spiritual send-off to eulogies from friends and family, think about who you want to say something at your funeral.

3. Do you want an open casket? - Even though open viewing is the norm in this country, you do have a choice about whether you want an open-casket funeral.

4. What do you wish to wear? - Choosing what you will wear as you are laid to rest may sound morbid, but is an important step in the pre-planning process.

5. Where do you want to be buried? - Think about family burial grounds, your favorite cemeteries, and religious affiliation because this will be addressed during funeral planning.

6. Do you want to be embalmed? - In most states, you have a choice whether or not you want to be embalmed with life preservation fluids. This is the normal procedure, but the funeral home director will give allow you to opt out if it is an option in your state.

7. What kind of music do you want played at the service? - Music almost always accompanies a funeral and visitation service. Make sure you take the time to choose a few songs you want to be played at your funeral.

8. Who would you like to have as pallbearers? - Pallbearers carry the casket when it is transported from the funeral home to the hearse or the hearse to the graveyard. The people who carry your casket will normally be those in your family or circle of friends that are close to you in life.

9. Do you want to be cremated? - It may be hard to make this decision, but no one knows better than you if this is what you want.

10. How long do you want visitation to last? - Consider the size of your family and the amount that will be charged for services to determine how long you think visitation should last.

When you take a look at all of the decisions that have to be made when you are planning your own funeral, it is easy to understand just how hard this would be on your closest friends or family members after you are gone. At the very least, talk to a funeral home director at Clark Funeral Home Inc about how to get started with funeral planning.


21 March 2015

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