Five Inexpensive And Tasteful Ways To Dispose Of A Loved One's Ashes


After a loved one has been cremated, there are a range of ways you can turn their ashes into a commemoration. However, many of these options are expensive – for example, you can spend thousands of dollars sending ashes into space. Luckily, there are affordable and tasteful ways to memorialize your loved one through the way you deal with his or her ashes: Cemetery Burial With a Loved One If someone close to your loved one is already buried in a cemetery, you can easily put your loved one's ashes with him or her.

10 June 2015

Planning An Affordable Funeral: Why Cremation Is A Respectful Option


Did you lose someone that you love and only have a little money to put towards the funeral service? Grieving over your lost can be difficult while planning an affordable funeral at the same time, and opting for cremation may be something to consider. Find out below why cremation is a respectful option for your loved one, as well as what the funeral may cost: What Makes a Cremation Funeral a Respectful & Affordable Option?

19 May 2015

What To Inscribe Into A Headstone


A headstone is a great way to pay tribute to a family member or friend that has passed away by inscribing something special. Here is a list of some common things that you should consider getting etched onto the headstone of your loved one. A Religious Verse From Scripture A great way to commemorate someone's passing on the headstone is with a verse of religious scripture. The words can bring comfort knowing that the deceased is in the loving embrace of their god in the afterlife.

29 April 2015

5 Reasons You Should Prearrange Your Funeral Service


People plan birthday parties, anniversary parties, and weddings. They create schedules for every week, and plan date nights with their spouses. In fact, you probably plan a good portion of your life in advance, so why wouldn't you preplan your funeral? Thinking about your death isn't pleasant, but prearranging your funeral service and burial plans has several benefits. Makes The Process Easier for Your Loved Ones One of the most important reasons you should make arrangements for your own funeral service and burial before your death is that preplanning makes the process a lot easier for your loved ones.

9 April 2015

Pre-Arranging Your Funeral Provides Many Benefits


As you age, you begin thinking about your family more. You may even be thinking about death and how your family will be taken care of after you pass on. Pre-arranged funerals are common among people who want to not only make sure their loved ones don't have to pay for their funeral when they pass, they want to have more control over their services as well. Learn how pre-arranging your funeral provides many benefits to both you and your family once you've passed on.

6 April 2015

Handling The Funeral Of A Long-Lost Relative


People plan funerals for loved ones all the time, but what happens when the deceased is someone you don't know very well? If you have a long-lost relative and you are the next of kin, you may be given this responsibility. Instead of panicking and becoming befuddled, the best thing to do would be to follow this advice. Go Through Their Things One way to get a clue into the type of person the deceased was would be to take a look at all of their personal items.

23 March 2015

10 Decisions You Will Have To Make During Funeral Pre-Planning


Life takes you to all different places and it is easy to assume that you will always see tomorrow. Unfortunately, you never know when the tomorrows will no longer be a guarantee and this is why funeral pre-planning is a good idea. There are so many different things that will have to be addressed for funeral arrangements; the last thing you will want is to leave all of the guesswork up to your friends and family.

21 March 2015

Pre-Planning Your Funeral? Keep These Tips In Mind


Just as some people like to plan out their wedding day long before they've even met their future spouse, some people find it reassuring to plan out their funeral far in advance of their own death. Finding a funeral home and discussing your plans with the director can be the first step toward realizing your vision. There are quite a few advantages to pre-planning your funeral. If you have a vision of what your ideal funeral would be like, this is a way of ensuring that vision comes true.

19 March 2015

2 Reasons To Hire A Funeral Home To Assist You


Having a loved one pass away is an extremely difficult experience, and it does not help that there are many things that you will need to take care of in order to make funeral and burial arrangements. However, hiring a funeral home is a great way to take a lot of the work out of your hands and simplify things for you during a difficult time. Two reasons to hire a funeral home are (1) to make things easier on yourself and (2) because funeral homes are flexible.

18 March 2015

4 Useful Gifts to Complement Funeral Flowers


Funeral flowers, donations, and memorial items are the most common choices when it comes to giving a mourning gift. The problem with flowers is that they often provide little use the family and only take up space. Give one of these more useful gifts along with funeral flowers instead to express sympathy to the family. Food a Week Later Many people will show up with food for the family right after the loss.

18 March 2015