3 Ways To Honor A Loved One At A 4th Of July Picnic


After a loved one has passed, it's important to grieve and celebrate their life in the company of close family and friends. If your loved one has passed away near the Fourth of July, then there are multiple ways you can honor their life. Holding a Fourth of July picnic is an ideal way to gather friends and family together for a celebration of life. Along with regular picnic traditions, you can incorporate three different ways to honor your loved one. Each of these methods can provide a loving tribute and allow everyone to grieve together.

Memorial Fireworks

When a loved one is cremated, there are multiple ways to use the ashes and honor their life. For a Fourth of July picnic, one of these methods is with memorial fireworks. A variety of companies can create firework displays infused with the ashes of your loved ones. The result is a visual display and dedication to the loved one that has passed. For example, one company offers a tribute package that includes six different rockets that are each filled with a small portion of ashes and can be launched directly from your backyard.

Along with the fireworks, you can play special music to go along with them. This includes your loved one's favorite songs or special memorial music selections to celebrate their life. It is a great way to end the picnic event and honor your loved one.

Patriotic Scattering Tubes

Commemorate the picnic event and honor your loved one with scattering tubes. These slim tubes can hold a small amount of ashes and they are ideal for giving out to multiple families and friends. When ordering scattering tube designs, you can select from a number of custom features. To help represent the Fourth of July, the tubes can feature an American flag logo printed on the case.

Custom text can also be featured on the tube. This includes the date of the memorial picnic or the birth and death dates of your loved one. You could also include the name of your loved on inscribed on the side of the tube. This is a great keepsake to hand out during the picnic and allows everyone to honor the loved on in their own way.

Memory Banners

Before the day of the picnic, you can use images of your loved one to have a custom memory banner printed. This banner can act like an enlarged guest book for people visiting the picnic. As guests arrive, they can sign the banner and leave different messages in honor of the loved one. This includes memories about the loved one, loving messages, or quotes about life and death. After everyone has arrived at the picnic, the banner can be hung up to showcase all of the messages and the images of your loved one.

Communicate with other family and friends to help plan out all of the picnic details and ways to make it an annual tradition. Contact a business, such as Catchen Don & Son Funeral Home for more information. 


23 May 2016

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